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Who Is the Blogging Turtle?


The Blogging Turtle

So who is the Blogging Turtle?

I am a husband, father, and lawyer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am also a broken Christian seeking to serve the Lord through a renewed commitment to obedience and a desire for purity.

I am in a second marriage and my family is a “blended” family with six children. We have three children from my wife’s first marriage, two children from my first marriage, and one child together (yours, mine, and ours).

I am an attorney working in the life insurance industry. My job is a curious blend between marketing and legal consulting. I do a lot of writing, a lot of on-phone consulting, and a lot of speaking. I love my job!

I am also a Benedictine Oblate. That means that I am not a monk, but I am affiliated with a monastery as a secular person who tries to live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict to the degree that I can recognizing my station in life, including family and worldly obligations.

I was raised in the Catholic Church, but I was also “born again” when I was in high school. My walk with Christ includes elements of catholic and evangelical spirituality. Our family worships at a Covenant church in the Minneapolis area.

This blog is a place where I can record my thoughts, share my struggles, seek to help and to be helped, express myself, and have fun!.

Thank you for stopping by.

+ D-Monk

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