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Charmed Life?

September 13, 2012

Am I living a charmed life? Or am I cursed?

Today’s morning commute offered the opportunity for this lucky turtle to ask such questions. Most of the commute was uneventful. I didn’t have to drop Emma off at school today … but I overslept. The morning temperature was a brisk 58 … but it was sunny. I made most of the traffic lights on the way into downtown … but missed the last one.

The there was the parking garage. I use my work security badge to get in and out of the parking ramp and then, after walking across the street, I use it to get in and out of my building. Today I entered my ramp and parked in roughly the same spot I do every day. Then I got my stuff together — I took up my work bag and then grabbed a Diet Dew from the back seat — and started heading toward the stairs that would take me down to ground level. Halfway to the stairs I realized that my work badge was not in my hand. I turned and walked back to my car and searched the seats. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t in the visor where I usually store it. I started pulling things out of my work bag to see if it had accidentally dropped in with my Diet Dew. I checked all of my pockets. I checked them again. No work badge.

Where could it be? I was in the parking ramp so I must have had it just a few minutes ago. But now there was no sign of it. Am I living the charmed life???

If it wasn’t in my pockets, my bag, or my car, the it could only be in the parking garage somewhere. I started walking back towards the stairs keeping my eyes on the ground. I found it about half way from my car to the stairs!

I AM living the charmed life!



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