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Today’s Reading from the Rule

March 14, 2011


Chapter 35: On the Weekly Servers in the Kitchen

An hour before the meal let the weekly servers each receive a drink
and some bread over and above the appointed allowance, in order
that at the meal time they may serve their brethren without
murmuring and without excessive fatigue. On solemn days, however,
let them wait until after Mass.

Immediately after the Morning Office on Sunday, the incoming and
outgoing servers shall prostrate themselves before all the brethren
in the oratory and ask their prayers. Let the server who is ending
his week say this verse: “Blessed are You, O Lord God, who have
helped me and consoled me.” When this has been said three times and
the outgoing server has received his blessing, then let the
incoming server follow and say, “Incline unto my aid, O God; O
Lord, make haste to help me.” Let this also be repeated three times
by all, and having received his blessing let him enter his service.

Families, and parents and caregivers, listen up! There’s an important lesson here. No task is too small to be blessed by prayer. More than that, no task is so easy that it can be done without God’s help, so remember to thank Him. Of ourselves, we can do nothing, literally nothing. All our strength and power comes from God.

+ Brother Jerome Leo, Holy Rule Daily Meditation

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