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A Day of Exploring with Emma

May 22, 2010


Sunday was a gorgeous day in Minnesota and it would have been both immoral and criminal not to get outdoors. When you have survived a Minnesota winter, you have to suck up all the sunshine and warmth you can during spring and summer!

And Sunday was beautiful by any set of standards – a sunny day in the mid-70’s with light breezes and no humidity. Halleluiah!!

So I took Emma to Central Park in Roseville to explore and enjoy the day. Our main goal was to find baby geese. But first we found frogs. They were croaking and making a huge racket. We were able to get close enough to the frogs to see one pair enjoying a birds and bees moment together. Life!

Then we headed across the lake to the Rocket Ship – a big slide attached to a metal structure shaped like a rocket. Emma had a grand time going up and down the slide and playing inside the structure of the rocket. I had a grand time just sitting nearby and soaking up the sunshine.

After that we continued our walk around the lake and eventually found out where the geese were nesting. There were four or five large families of geese. Most of the pairs had about six goslings tagging behind them. But one pair of geese had a whopping 15 goslings in tow! We named them the Catholic Geese.

Our day was made complete when after watching the geese we found a group of turtles basking on a log. We watched them get in and out of the water. Emma wanted to try to touch them, but they dove into the water before she was within 10 feet of the shoreline. I guess turtles are shy.

After that we walked back to the car, headed home, and started a new chant:

Frogs and geese and turtles, oh my!

Frogs and geese and turtles, oh my!

Frogs and geese and turtles, oh my!

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