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Turtle’s Day: Backyard Bonanza

April 18, 2010


My parents have gone through a sudden life change. They are now bird watchers. I’m not sure why it happened, or how it happened, but it has happened. Last year they were not bird watchers and now they are.

But with this curious life mystery has come some blessings. Suddenly I am finding myself more attuned to the nature around me – even the nature in my own backyard.

Our house sits next to a small wetlands area. While I have been generally aware of some waterfowl, frogs, and blackbirds over the years, I had never really stopped to pay close attention to the world of the backyard. But on Easter Sunday that all changed. We had the family over for Easter Dinner and, while my parents were there, we got out the binoculars and gazed upon the wetlands.


And what to my wondering eyes did appear?


There were at least a dozen turtles sunning themselves on the ar side of the wetlands. And, of course, there were numerous redwinged blackbirds flitting from reed to reed and sharing their song.

I have continued to watch the backyard more closely since then. We have three sets of waterfowl that can be seen daily: one pair of geese, one pair of mallard ducks, and one pair of wood ducks. More recently there has been a trio of Mallard “bachelors” coming to the wetland.


We also have redwinged blackbirds, gold finches, cardinals, chickadees, a wood pecker, and other birds.

Then there are the turtles and frogs. And on one occasion I spotted a raccoon.



There’s Life in the Backyard!!!

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