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A Day at the Park

March 29, 2010

target field,minnesota,minneapolis

My beloved Minnesota Twins will open the 2010 season with a new stadium: Target Field. Outdoor baseball is coming back to the Twin Cities!!!

On Saturday, Target Field was inaugurated by hosting a college baseball game between the Minnesota Gophers and Louisiana Tech. The public was invited to come see the new ballpark for just $2 per person. I couldn’t resist the chance to see this new facility and took my two boys – Braxton & Paul – on a little field trip.

The footprint for this stadium is amazingly small. I remember looking at the empty site when it was chosen and wondering if it was possible to build a ballpark in such a small space. But they did it. And what a beautiful park they have created!

Target Field is small and intimate. There are no bad seats. We went all around the stadium sitting in the places we thought might be bad seats – last row in the upperdeck of left field, etc. But the views were great! The stadium has a rather steep incline, so even when you are far up you are still close to the action.

The concourses are wide and open. You never feel like you’ve left the action. And there’s lots of fun stuff built into the park – indoor plazas, taverns and bars, the Budweiser porch, and lots of Minnesota baseball history on display.

This stadium is wonderful! I am ready for action! I’ve got spring fever! I’m ready to cheer for my Twinkies!


target field,minnesota,minneapolis

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