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Absent Love: Day 3

February 16, 2010


Yesterday was President’s Day.  It was also Day 3 of power parenting for yours truly.

The theme of the day — princesses and parties.  At least that was the them for our very own Chatty Chatty Princess.  She had an art class in the morning where the main project was to draw a picture of a royal princess.  In the afternoon she went to a birthday party where the theme was princesses and unicorns.  Naturally, she wore her powder-blue, Cinderella princess dress for both occasions.  She got 32 pieces of candy at the party and when she came home, she sat down to eat her candy in front of the movie Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

Paul and Gretchen had an appointment at a clinic where they are working on changes to their diet — including the addition of dietary supplements — to help combat issues related to being on the Autism Spectrum.  Both Paul & Gretchen had blood tests done which reveal a deficiency of something in their blood (I can’t remember what) which diminishes the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B6, vitamin D, and Zinc.  So they are going to take supplements of those nutrients.  Since the condition is usually considered genetic, and since their mother tested negative for it, I may consider taking some of these same supplements.  We’ll see.

Braxton and Zoe spent most of the day with their dad.  That made it a very quiet day for me after being the lone referee for a Circus Weekend.

Now Paul & Gretchen have gone home, school is back in session, and I am back at the office.  At least for now, everything “seems” normal.


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