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Absent Love: Day 1

February 14, 2010


It’s Valentine’s weekend, but my Love is not here.  She has gone away to an education conference in Chicago.

But I am not alone.  Oh no!

I am not alone.

I am playing the roles of both Mom & Dad for the next few days.  And if that weren’t challenge enough, this weekend is a “Circus Weekend.”  That means there are five children in the house for the three-day President’s Day weekend instead of the usual three.  [gulp]

And what’s more, my always reliable back-up resource for help in these situations — Mom and Dad — is also unavailable.  My parents are also traveling this week.

And everybody’s worried about what might happen.  My Beloved has arranged several activities for our youngest — the Chatty Chatty Princess — as much to provide relief for me as to provide entertainment for her.  And both of my sisters have called to offer things to do for the children and for me.  And even my dad, the night before leaving on his vacation, called me to provide words of wisdom for getting through these challenging times.

Does every family panic when a dad is left home alone with the family or am I just a special case?

Well … anyway … the weekend is off to a good start.

Beth left for her trip Saturday morning at about 10:00.  I was somewhat worried for her because she was driving to Chicago on her own and that’s a six hour drive.  But she has made this drive numerous times as her family is all in the Chicago-land area.  And she was driving to her father’s house for the first day of her trip.

Day One went well at home.  My sister Jennifer came over and took Emma out for some fun.  They had lunch at Wendy’s, played some games at Jennifer’s house, and then went to the Mall of America where Emma got a bear at the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Meanwhile, at the homestead, the kids were playing various games together and alone.  Paul was plugged into the computer while Zoe and Gretchen explored different applications on Zoe’s new i-Touch.

My other sister, Catherine, stopped by in the afternoon and we played a couple of rounds of Rummykube.  Then she took Paul with her so that he could spend the night with his cousin Jack.

We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and after dinner Braxton, Zoe, and Gretchen all played cards using Valentine’s candy as stakes for each hand.  Then we watched some Olympics and called it a day.

No blood, no hospital visits, no fires or calls to the police.

Day 1 was a success!


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