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A Weekend of Passions

January 25, 2010


As the world turns, the Turtle goes through his passions.  Some are passions of love and fun, and some are passions of suffering.

My mom gave me a novel about running this Christmas called “Once a Runner.”  It’s a very good read if you like running.  The book captures the essence of the “Trial of Miles” — the audacious and often tedious nature of training in comparison to the seemingly brief moment of the race (even if that race is a marathon).  This book comes at a perfect time for me because I always have trouble getting motivated to run in the cold and darkness of winter.  But I have been out pounding the pavement again during this past week — pounding through slush, snow, and ice.

Beth has been working hard to finish her Master’s Thesis.  This is another audacious and potentially tedious task.  The best I can do for her is to run interference — especially with Emma.  So on Saturday I took the Chatty Chatty Princess to the indoor pool at the YMCA.  She loves swimming and especially loves the water slides.  Having a six-year-old gives this old turtle the perfect excuse to indulge in water slides, too!

Sunday was a nervous day.  I am a BIG Vikings fan and the team was scheduled to play the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Conference Championship.  If they could somehow win the game, they’d be going to the Super Bowl.  But please — please, please, please — don’t get your hopes up.  This team hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since the 1970’s and every Vikings fan remembers the gut wrenching pain of the team’s loss in the 1998 NFC Championship game (you know — Gary Anderson’s missed field goal try after a season in which he had not missed a single kick).

But this year our team has Brett Favre and anything seemed possible.  And so this turtle did get his hopes up.  And the longer the game went without the Vikings being out of it, the higher those hopes got.  And when the team had the ball in a tie game with less than two minutes to go, this turtle lost all sense of reason and actually BELIEVED that his team could win.  Then there was the interception.  Then the lost coin toss for over-time.  Then the pass interference penalty on the uncatchable ball.  And then the Saints field goal kick.  SLAM!  Back to a heavy and unpleasant dose of reality.

Today I am back at the office.  Another day at work.  Same thing day-in and day-out.  Did anything really happen over the weekend?  Maybe not.  Maybe it was all just a dream.  Maybe it doesn’t have to hurt this time.  And maybe I’ll win the lottery …

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